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TODAY -  10:00  AM - CHRISTMAS IN JULY  - We will take a "Table Offering" each Sunday this month in preparation for our Christmas Food Baskets that are distributed within our church family and community.  This money will be  used to buy the perishable items like milk, bread, eggs . . .   


 5:00 PM  -  DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING - Kingdom Man - "Every Man's Destiny, Every Woman's Dream"  Week 2 - "Greatness is your Destiny"   


5:00 PM  -  SOUL SISTERS - Your host this evening is Wanda Garcia.   Blessings galore for you are in store!

P.S.  One more hostessing opportunity is available!  July 21!  Is it yours?!     See Patty.

5:00 PM  -  CiAWe're going to Southeast Asia to meet the Hmong people!  Come join us on our travels!


TUESDAY - POTLUCK / CHURCH COUNCIL -   This meeting is open to everyone.  Please bring your favorite dish and help us make the decisions that govern our church. 


WEDNESDAY  - 6:30  PM - BUSINESS MEETING / PRAYER SERVICE    Our business meetings are very short with plenty of time to talk to Jesus!


FRIDAY - 4-9 PM -  THE WAY  -  David and Beverly will be opening The Way Friday night.  They desperately need your help; any time

or all of this time.  Summer crowds have been more than what we expected.  They would also appreciate cookies / snack cakes.  


FRIDAY -  JULY 12  - SATURDAY 20 ? -  JAMAICA MISSION TEAM    - Please be in prayer for Missy and all the team as they travel and share the good news of Jesus!!! 


HELP NEEDED - THE FLOWER GARDEN / PRAYER GARDEN TEAM -  along with many of our other Ministries such as the Nursery, Children's Church, Mowing Teams . . .

The Nominating Committee is meeting now to fill vacancies in various jobs.  If you have not been contacted and are willing to serve,  please let Bro. Norman, Bruce, Angie,  Ann,  someone know.  We will put you to work.  God Bless you.  


OUR  CHURCH PRAYER PARTNER - East Cadiz B.C.  -  Bro. Joe Johnson, Pastor

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